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What Can Influence a Judge When Bail is Decided?

One of the main reasons for establishing a bail system throughout America was to allow people to continue their normal lives while waiting for court cases to take place and certain dates and times to arrive as part of the ongoing trial process. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX our team of experienced bail bondsman understands just how important it can be to spend as little time as possible behind bars after being arrested.

Instead of forcing people to remain in prison while their cases are being processed, brought before a judge, and tried in court, bails were made to ensure that a person returns to court at the expected time. For many people, the bail system and the total price of bail set by a judge can be confusing or even overwhelming

To help people in the DFW Metroplex who might have difficulty understanding the process, our team decided it would be helpful to take the time to examine several factors at play when a judge decides on a bail amount. In most cases, a fixed bail schedule will be used as a starting point or guideline depending on the type and severity of the crime. However, in many situations, judges can adjust this number based on several important factors.

Without proper knowledge and experience, trials and arrests can confuse and frustrate many people, but with a little help and patience, the process can make sense. The first thing to remember is that a judge has the authority to increase or decrease the amount of potential bail, and whether he will do it or not depends on several things.

Every Situation Will be Unique

When arrested as part of a violent or dangerous crime, the possibility of the judge raising the bail higher is usually going to be very high. It is known that some judges follow very specific guidelines when determining bail due to various types or categories of crime. However, a good general rule is that the more serious the crime, the higher the bail amount will be.

Evidence can Influence the Outcome

Before the trial date for the suspect is known, the judge can be given a summary of evidence and information related to the incident. The more information provided that indicates a guilty verdict, the more likely they are to increase the bail amount to prevent a person from running away. Judges are always expected to use the best judgment and common sense when making decisions. In many situations, sometimes it is necessary to set a certain bail amount.

Suspect Behavior and Past History Matter

Anything that can be recorded during an arrest will likely be recorded, and most of that information will find its way to the judge. This includes information about behavior, attitudes, and even a history of arrests or other interactions with law enforcement agencies. This means that it is very important to be the best you can be when dealing with officers, especially while in custody and while waiting in a cell. Hostile, abusive or even emotional people may need to pay more for their bail simply because they have not been able to adequately represent themselves in dealing with members of the criminal justice system.

Even someone’s behavior in previous interactions with other law enforcement officers can be a factor in making bail decisions. Therefore, it is always important to stay calm and take the best steps forward, no matter what the situation. In many situations, if a judge determines that you are polite, respectful, and caring, you are more likely to pay a lower bail amount.

Trust A-EZ Out Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX

In many situations, even the amount of bail can be too much for many people even if a judge has lowered it. Instead of struggling to pull together the funds needed to cover the cost of bail, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced bail bondsmen at any time during the day or night! Our years of experience and knowledge of the legal system gives us an extraordinary advantage in working to free someone from jail. Best of all, we can work with you to cover a full bail amount for a fraction of the price.

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