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What Do Dallas Jails Need to be Ready for a Corona Virus Outbreak?

The main purpose of jails and prisons is to maintain public safety by containing those who have committed crimes. While they do a fine job at that, they are not very good at minimizing the spread of infectious disease. Right now, the COVID-19 virus, known as the corona virus, has been spreading across the world with concerning speed. Those behind bars are still susceptible to contracting the illness, so we are going to explain some things Dallas jails should have in place to slow the spread of illness. Those arrested in the DFW area can count on A-EZ Out Bail Bonds for their quick release, any time of day or night. Call us when you need us!

Knowledgeable Staff

There is going to be a priority to keep the most experienced, knowledgeable medical staff on standby at hospitals and medical facilities. Despite that, there needs to be reliable medical staff helping in jails and prisons as well. A typical medical staffer in a jail might look at the symptoms of the corona virus and dismiss it as the flu, whereas an infectious disease nurse would be better suited for spotting the virus before it spreads rapidly throughout a prison or jail.

Proper Screenings and Supplies

As doctors learn more about the corona virus, they will be able to set up more effective screening processes. Instead of waiting for someone to claim they are feeling symptoms, it might be a good call to screen everyone who enters a jail or prison after being outside. This should include jail staff, visiting friends or families and new inmates, because there is no way to tell for sure whether they have been exposed to the virus before entering. Once inmates have been screened, those who are sick should be separated from uninfected inmates so the virus will have a harder time jumping between people.

In addition to the screening process, jails and prisons need to make sure they have the correct supplies to treat and contain inmates. Simply providing all inmates with medical masks and sufficient hand soap can reduce the spread of germs in such close quarters. Another thing local jails need to be doing is making sure cells are kept clean and not over-crowded. Having too many people in a small, germ infested area only encourages the spread of disease. As mentioned earlier, keeping infected inmates in a separate part of the jail is also very important.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds: The Fastest Bail Bond Services in DFW

Maintaining health and safety inside Dallas jails and prisons is a must. The walls are designed to keep inmates in, not to keep viruses and diseases out! Just because someone is incarcerated does not mean they should be forgotten, so it is important for local correctional facilities to take precautions. Housing a trained staff, proper screening equipment and the correct supplies will lessen the rates of corona virus infection. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is proud to help DFW arrestees secure their release from jail quickly and affordably. Call us at (214) 749-5600 or visit our website to get in touch with a bond agent so you can regain your freedom and wait out the corona virus in safety. We offer free quotes and flexible payment plans!


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