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What Is a Bounty Hunter?

If you are out on bail, hopefully you will never need to face a bounty hunter. So long as you abide by the bail bond rules and show up to your trial, everything will run smoothly. However, if you try to run away and break the bail rules, a bail bond company will send a bounty hunter after you. Let’s learn a little more about these skilled professionals, and how you can avoid having one sent after you.

Bounty Hunter Explained

A bounty hunter is a professional hired by bail bond companies to capture a fugitive in exchange for money. This money is referred to as a “bounty,” and it is usually 10% to 20% of the bail amount. So, if the fugitive’s bail is $10,000, then the bounty hunter is given $1,000 to $2,000 if they capture them. These hunters are licensed and registered professionals that play a big role in the criminal justice system.

What Do Bounty Hunters Do?

Bounty hunters spend much of their time investigating, researching, interviewing, and staking out locations to obtain the whereabouts of the fugitives. In order to succeed in this career, you need to be resourceful, intelligent, and have lots of perseverance. 

These professionals are oftentimes private investigators or retired/former police officers. They are trained in law enforcement and criminal justice. And they have training in martial arts, self defense, firearms, and weapons.

Bounty hunters don’t need to pursue a degree program for a state licensure, but most do so anyway. This gives them a background in criminal justice and a solid understanding in policy analysis, criminology, policing, etc. 

How Do They Find You?

Bounty hunters don’t get paid until they find you. Therefore, they put substantial effort into tracking you down. Some of the methods they use to reveal your location include:

  • Asking your family and friends
  • Performing a background check
  • Entering your home without your permission
  • Surveilling the people in your inner circle

How to Avoid a Bounty Hunter

As your trial date approaches, you may be feeling very nervous. Skipping trial and hiding may have crossed your mind more than once. Even though this may seem like the only way out, it’s never a good idea to flee. The best thing to do in your case is to show up to all of the hearings, avoid all travel, and stay out of trouble. 

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Is Here to Help 

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds has been bailing people out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. Our priority is to ensure that you get an affordable and speedy release from jail. From there, you can build up your defense strategy with your attorney. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is here to help you get your life back on track, not to complicate it. As long as you abide by the bail bond rules, you won’t need to worry about bounty hunters chasing you down. Get in touch with us today, to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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