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What To Do After You Post Someone’s Bail 

You’ve just received word that a loved one has been arrested and needs their bail posted. To post someone’s bail, there are a couple of steps that you have to take to ensure it gets done efficiently. But what happens after the bail has been posted? Are there more steps that you have to take? In this post, we will go over the procedures and responsibilities that come after posting someone else’s bail. When you need help to post someone’s bail, we are here to aid you in this process.

Posting Someone Else’s Bail 

So, your loved one has been arrested and has been to their arraignment. They’ve received their bail amount but are just awaiting confirmation at this point. That’s where you come in. To post someone else’s bail, you’ll need to gather some information. You will need to know: 

  • Offender’s full name
  • Offender’s date of birth
  • Bail amount
  • Charges
  • Jail where they are being held

Once you receive this information, you can call a trusted bail bondsman and provide them with the information. Once the bail bondsman receives this information, they can work quickly to get your loved one out of jail. Once everything is in order, they will be released and free to await their trial from their home. If you choose not to go through a bail bondsman, then your responsibilities will increase substantially. 

What Are Your Responsibilities if You Post Someone’s Bail?

When you forego a bail bondsman to post someone else’s bond, you are putting up your own money on the promise that the offender will show up to court. Because of this, you will have more responsibilities to ensure the person that you bailed out abides by their conditions. 

Your main responsibility is to make sure that they appear at their court date. Other than that, common conditions for people out on bail are travel restrictions and prohibition of hanging around certain people. 

Because you are financially involved, you may want to make sure the offender abides by these conditions by monitoring their location and who they spend time with, at least until their trial date. 

With that said, failure to appear at their trial date is still among the most serious breaches that a released offender can commit. 

What Happens If They Fail to Appear? 

If you post someone’s bail for them and they fail to appear, the bail money will be forfeited. You can lose tens of thousands of dollars so it is imperative that you ensure they appear at their trial. The offender will also have a warrant put out for their arrest. 

Failing to appear at a trial date comes with a slew of consequences that just aren’t worth it. If you can do anything to prevent this from happening, you should. Protect yourself and the defendant by ensuring they appear at their hearings and all necessary court dates.

If You Need to Post Someone’s Bail, Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds 

Posting a loved one’s bail can be a stressful undertaking. There is a lot of trust involved between the offender, the one paying for the bail bond, and the bail bondsman. Because so much trust is necessary, you need to make sure that you do business with trustworthy, reliable, and experienced bail bondsmen. As the #1 bail bond agency in Dallas, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is committed to providing every one of our clients with exceptional service. Give us a call today or fill out our online form so that we can get your loved ones out of jail fast. Call us at (214) 749-5600 when you need help getting a loved one out of jail.

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