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What To Do After Your Friend Has Been Arrested

Your friend getting arrested can be very stressful for you and them. Here’s what to do after your friend has been arrested.

Picture this, it’s a Saturday night and you and your friends are out on the town. One of your friends made the mistake of having too many cocktails and getting behind the wheel to go to the next place. It’s a mistake that many have made and paid the price for. Red, white, and blue lights flash behind you, beckoning your friend behind the wheel to pull over. 

You are in the passenger seat panicking, your group in the backseat is panicking, and most of all your friend behind the wheel is panicking. The officer approaches the window and asks your driver to step out of the car. After determining that the driver isn’t sober, the officer arrests your friend. What do you do now? Here’s what to do after your friend has been arrested.

Stay Calm

Number one, make sure you remain calm. If you panic, you will find it more difficult to think rationally. The goal now is to help get your friend out of jail. First, if you and your other friends have also had a few drinks, don’t get behind the wheel. Call a tow company to get the car to a safe location. 

Next, find out which jail your friend was taken to, you can look your friend up or ask the officer the name of the station. It will most likely be the closest station in proximity to where your friend was arrested. One of the biggest ways to help after your friend has been arrested is to stay calm. There’s no need to stir things up any more than they already are at this moment.

Call a Bond Agent

If you are wondering what to do after your friend has been arrested, call a bond agent. They are knowledgeable about the process and they can help make an expensive bail amount just a little easier to pay.

Once you have located the jail where your friend is being held, it is time to call a bonding agent. A bond agent can help you get out of jail faster and it can save you money. Rather than paying your friend’s full bail amount, you only need to pay a small amount of money and the bail bond covers the rest. A bond agent will also remind your friend of their important court dates.

Know Their Court Date

Another way you can help after your friend has been arrested is to keep track of their court date. Of course, it is their responsibility to remember this for themselves, but it never hurts to help remind them. Not to mention, they will appreciate that you are looking out for them. If they miss their court date, they will be at risk of getting arrested again. 

By helping them remember this, you can avoid them potentially getting arrested again. Furthermore, if they miss their court date, they will owe the rest of their bail money to the bonding agent. Missing a court date is very serious, pay attention to these dates to avoid more trouble.

Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

When you are wondering what to do after your friend has been arrested, call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds at (214) 749-5600. We are here to answer your call for help, whether you have been arrested or it is a friend or loved one that is facing arrest. 

Pay us a small percentage of the bail and we can cover the rest to get them out of jail. Contact us any time of the day or night, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. 

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