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What to Do When Your Loved One Is Arrested

When a loved one is arrested, it can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. It can be hard to know what to do in such a situation, but it is important to remain calm and take steps to help them during this challenging time. Below is a guide to help you understand what to do when a loved one is arrested.

Understanding Your Loved One’s Rights

First, it is important to understand your loved one’s rights. They have the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the right to be informed of their charges. You should make sure that your loved one is aware of these rights and is informed of the charges they are facing. When speaking to them on the phone, be aware that these conversations are recorded, so don’t let your loved one say anything that can be used against them in court.

Your loved one will have an arraignment, which is usually scheduled within 48 hours of the arrest. This is when they face the judge and are made aware of what they are being convicted of, as well as if they qualify for bail. If they do qualify, they will find out the bail amount as well. If the bail amount is paid for, your loved one can await trial from home.

Hiring an Attorney

An attorney can provide invaluable advice and help your loved one navigate the legal system. Depending on the severity of the charges, the court may provide a public defender. However, it is important to note that public defenders may not have the resources to provide your loved one with the best legal defense. That’s why we recommend hiring an attorney yourself. That way, your loved one’s best interests are in mind and it’s a lot easier to schedule meetings with an attorney that you personally hire.

Gathering Financial Resources

You should look into financial resources to help pay for your loved one’s legal fees. There may be local organizations that provide legal aid for those in need. Additionally, you may be able to set up a payment plan with the attorney’s office to help spread out the cost of legal representation. One of the best financial options is contacting a bail bond company. Bail is usually set very high, and most people can’t afford to pay for it out of pocket. That’s why bondsmen are a great choice for getting people out of jail in an affordable manner.

Contacting a Bail Bond Company

Bail bond companies have bondsmen that are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you understand the situation and what you need to do to get your loved one out of jail. They will explain the bail process and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Bondsmen will work with you to determine the amount of the bail that needs to be posted. They can also help you to determine the best way to pay for the bail, such as through a loan or by using cash or a credit card. They will also explain the terms of the bail agreement and any other restrictions that may apply.

Once the bail has been posted and the paperwork is complete, your loved one will be released from jail and can await trial from home. 

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds Is the Team to Call

If your loved one is arrested, contact A-EZ Out Bail Bonds right away. Our team will help you through the process, making sure that everything is done correctly and that the terms of the bail agreement are met. We will provide you with all the information and support you need to ensure that your loved one is released as quickly and safely as possible. The best part about working with us is that you only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount, usually 15%, to secure a bond with us. 

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, our experienced bondsmen understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with a loved one being arrested. We are committed to providing the best possible service to help you and them through this difficult time. When a loved one is arrested, you can rely on our bondsmen to get them out of jail quickly and safely. With our help, you can be confident that they will get the justice they deserve.

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