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What you Shouldn’t do on Bail

Bail is important for arrestees who have families, jobs, school, bills, and other obligations. Being granted bail means you don’t have to miss any of these important things, but it also comes with the responsibility of making sure you don’t violate bail regulations. To better understand the terms of your bail, you should speak with your attorney and your bail bondsman. However, these are a few things you should never do when you’re out of jail on bail.

Travel Out of State

As long as you have specific written permission from the court, you can generally travel within your state with no issues. Depending on your state and factors in your case, however, the court does have the power to prohibit out-of-state travel. If you’re considered a flight risk, for example, your travel is more likely to be restricted.

Travelling out of the country is usually strictly prohibited. Unless you can get special permission from the court, you probably won’t be able to meet any international obligations. It’s best to cancel or reschedule any long-distance trips you have planned for the time being.

Ignore the Terms of Your Bail

Being released on bail usually comes with conditions, whether imposed by the court or by a co-signer. Court-set bail requirements depend on what you were arrested for, your criminal history, and other important factors. They might include things like house arrest and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

If you have a co-signer helping you get bailed out, they can set terms for your bail in the bail contract. This person is giving you the money you need to get out of jail, after all, and posting bail for another person is a big risk. Your co-signer can require you to seek mental health treatment or not miss a day of work, for example.

Miss Court Dates

When you post bail, either on your own or with the help of a co-signer or bail bond agency, you’re making a commitment to show up to all of your court dates on your own. That’s why missing a court date is one of the worst things you can do when you’re on bail. Not only does it damage the court’s trust in you, but it can have serious legal consequences for you. Additionally, you lose your bail payment as soon as you miss a court date. Save yourself the money and the legal repercussions and get on the court’s good side by showing up to all of your court dates.

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