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What’s the Difference Between Bail and Bond?

Life can get overwhelming and at times and you may overlook things. Maybe you didn’t realize your car tags were expired or you fell behind on child support payments. This can lead to jail time. However, most times you have the option to pay bail. After you pay a specific amount set by the judge you can go home if you agree to appear for your court date. Bail is set to ensure you will attend your hearings, and if you don’t you will lose your money. You can pay this amount with bail or bond. We will explain the difference below so you can decide what works best for you.

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How is Bail Set in Texas?

After your arrest, a judge will review your arrest affidavit. This is a written statement explaining the cause for your arrest. The judge will decide if there are sufficient grounds for your arrest. If there is, and you aren’t a danger to yourself or others the judge can set bail. The amount set depends on the severity of the crime and the likelihood you will appear in court. You must adhere to a set of guidelines and pay with bail or bond. 

Bail vs Bond

People often use the words bail and bond interchangeably. They are similar but there are some key differences. Both give the defendant temporary freedom. They also ensure the accused will appear in court. If they fail to appear they lose their money, which can be thousands. The difference between the two is who pays. 

Personal Bond

A personal bond is a sworn agreement that the defendant will appear in court. You don’t have to pay to be released, but you must pay an administration fee. The judge reviews several factors to determine if you apply. This is usually awarded to people who are accused of petty crimes and don’t have a criminal history.


Bail is the money the defendant must pay to be released from jail. The amount is set based on the nature of the charges and criminal history. It can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. You can pay the amount upfront but it must be paid in full. If the case is resolved and you didn’t miss any court appearances the money will be returned to whoever posted bail. 

However, depending on the amount, you may not have the funds available. Those who can’t pay can turn to a bail bond company. 


A defendant or their family can obtain a bond from a bondsman. A bond is money paid on behalf of the defendant. The bond company assumes responsibility for the bond if the defendant doesn’t appear in court. The co-signer and defendant usually pay 10% of the bond and put up collateral to get approved. The co-signer is responsible for covering the bond and any fees to get the defendant back in custody if they skip their trial.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

Jail time can mean missing work and losing money, leaving your child without a parent, or missing school. We understand that not everyone has thousands to spend on bail, and we’re here to help you avoid an interruption to your life. Our experienced bail bondsman are available to help you 24/7. Call A-EZ Out to get back to your life fast!

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