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Which Factors Lead to a Higher Bail Amount?

Generally, the law can protect you from high or unreasonable bail amounts. This is evident through clauses in the Texas constitution and the Eighth Amendment. Namely, they state that the courts should not require excessive bail. In Texas, the amounts can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars based on the circumstances. Yet, some judges can even set bail amounts worth billions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the leading factors that can influence your bail amount.

Personal Circumstances 

Following an arrest, a judge will determine the bail during a hearing. They will take your case into account and several additional factors. That includes your previous criminal history, flight risk, outstanding warrants, history of missing court dates, chances of being a risk to others, etc. The judge will set bail within reasonable limits, if the charge is for a non-violent crime and you have no criminal record. 

The judge could also consider your connections. That involves your ties to the community and your family, professional connections, etc. The stronger your tie is to the community, the less likely you will flee or endanger others if the judge grants you reasonable bail. On another note, if you have committed a larger felony and you have a criminal record, the judge could increase your bail amount. 

Bail Schedules

Some counties allow defendants to pay the bail before the hearing via bail schedules. Bail schedules are lists that show the bail amount that the defendant can pay based on their crime. Each country in Texas has its own rules, and they can vary depending on the crime. If you decide to post bail this way, you will have to pay a fixed amount. Sometimes, the amount could be higher than usual. You won’t be able to change it, if you want to get released from jail. If you want to pay less, you will have to wait and go before a judge. 

Police Practices

It is not uncommon to get charged with a crime that is more serious compared to the one you actually committed. Sometimes, law enforcement can charge you for a felony instead of a misdemeanor. When that happens, the court could set the bail according to the charge that you were arrested for. This could substantially raise the bail amount. For example, a police officer could arrest you for theft of an item that is over $500, even if the item was under that amount. Stealing something that surpasses $500 is automatically a felony. 

Data-Driven Decisions

For the past few years, several states turned to bail algorithms to help them determine bail amounts. California was a proponent of ending the traditional cash bail system and replacing it with algorithm technology. In 2020, the concept was abandoned due to strong criticism from the public. 

Still, while Texas does not use similar algorithm systems, it’s possible that data-driven decisions could impact the bail amount. For example, your personal data may influence a judge’s decision on setting a higher bail. That includes your family background, personal documents, earnings, etc. It’s common to do this for foreign nationalities or high-profile individuals. 

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