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Who’s Haunting You? A Ghost or a Bounty Hunter?

What’s scarier: a bounty hunter that is out for you or a ghost? Which one are you dealing with at this very moment? If you have felt like someone or something has been watching you for some time, it might be time to call an exorcist or turn yourself into the cops. Are you currently running away from the law? Or did you recently play with an ouija board and let some spirits in?

If you have committed a crime and skipped your trial, there is a 99% chance a bounty hunter is the one creeping on you, not a ghost. And if that’s the case, no exorcist is going to chase away that problem for you. The best thing to do is turn yourself into the police and deal with the consequences. If you don’t, you will get caught and be in much deeper trouble.

What Is a Bounty Hunter?

When a person is out on bail, they need to show up to all of their court dates and trial. If they skip or flee from town, the bail bond company will send a bounty hunter after them. This bounty hunter is a skilled professional who is hired by the bail bond company to arrest the fugitive. The “bounty” or monetary reward that the bounty hunter receives is usually 10% to 20% of the bail amount. However, they only receive this award if the fugitive is caught.

What Can a Bounty Hunter Do?

In order for a bounty hunter to make an arrest, all they need is a copy of the bail piece, which is a piece of paper that indicates that the person is a fugitive. In some states, the bounty hunter might need a certified copy of the bond. A bounty hunter can enter a property unannounced and doesn’t need a warrant. They don’t need to read you your Miranda Rights before they arrest you either. They are also allowed to carry a gun and handcuffs.

A bounty hunter can only enter a home if they are 100% sure that that’s where the fugitive lives. A bounty hunter isn’t allowed to go into the homes of friends or family members to go looking for the fugitive. And they aren’t allowed to hunt outside of the United States either. They can get shot or arrested if they try to do their job internationally.

Call A-EZ Out Bail Bonds 

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds recommends that you stop running from the law and turn yourself in as soon as possible. If you are allowed to use bail again, get in touch with our bondsmen. You only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bond with us. Running away from your problems is never the solution, and you might get hunted down instead. No one likes to get hunted or haunted, so do the right thing and ask for help. Our bondsmen work around the clock to get you home quickly and safely.

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