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Why Trying to Avoid Dealing with Bail is Nothing but More Trouble

Dealing with the challenges of being arrested can be a stressful experience at the very least. If you have managed to secure your release through the bail system, then it is likely that you have at least be considered the possibility that you could just skip out on the entire follow-up process entirely. However, the reality is that the power of today’s technological systems and information networks would make this decision a terrible choice. At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds in Dallas, TX, our team of professional bail agents has helped residents of the DFW Metroplex for years with the challenges and complications that come with securing bail.

Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand the consequences that people face when they try to avoid dealing with their trial (or paying their part of the bail amount) after being released. Running away is never a good idea, and each year it becomes increasingly difficult to hide because of how easily anyone can quickly access information thanks to the internet and other resources. To help people better understand why trying to run away from your bail obligations is such a bad idea, we decided to go over some of the things that could happen.

You’re Just Going to End Up with a Fresh Warrant

If you pursue bail options and secure your release from jail only to suddenly leave the area, your legal issues will not be solved automatically. A new arrest warrant has been issued and even a basic traffic stop will bring this to the attention of law enforcement. Once a warrant is in your file, any interaction with the justice system will put you at risk of suddenly spending extra time behind bars along with additional costs, and almost no chance of being released immediately. The worst thing is that these complications will probably affect the plans you might have to rent an apartment, take a loan, or even find a new job.

Any Co-Signers Will be Held Responsible

In many cases, you will need the help of a friend or family member to secure your release via bail. If someone has worked with you to sign a bail agreement, they will immediately be responsible for the amount lost by the bail agency if you want to avoid appearing in court as part of your ongoing case. In most situations, this amount will be thousands and thousands of dollars, and the chances that you can pay this amount safely are very low. This means that the decision to avoid dealing with your case has extraordinary consequences not only for your life but also for the lives of people who have agreed to sign with you.

You Are Going to Get Caught Sooner or Later

When thinking about an upcoming trial date and the possibility of a worst-case scenario, the desire to easily escape from all this can be very tempting. However, the reality is that running will inevitably make things worse. Even if law enforcement agencies cannot find you right away, a professional bounty hunter will be on the trail if you have used the services of a bail bond agency to get released in the first place. 

If a bail bond company works with you to ensure your release after an arrest, you will be expected to attend all of the upcoming court dates. Otherwise, the bail office is obliged to pay the price of the full bail if it cannot find you and bring you to court. This means there is a huge financial incentive to ensure you return and there are professionals who are willing to take the time and try to follow your path.

Trust A-EZ Out Bail Bonds to Help You Get Released in Dallas, Texas

Instead of trying to avoid your responsibilities after release, you must attend all court dates and work with your bond agent to ensure that everything is maintained the right way. If you go through the process correctly, you can take surprising steps that will help you protect yourself from future problems and leave the past as quickly as possible, instead of prolonging stress and problems.

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