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3 of the Worst Crimes Ever Committed in Texas History

Although Freddy Krueger and Jason are just fictional monsters, killers like them lurk around the dark alleyways, kidnapping clueless teens as they walk alone at night. Over the years, Texas has had some horrific criminals rampage throughout the state, committing nauseating crimes. If you aren’t sitting right now, you may want to take a seat. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds has listed some of the worst crimes ever committed in Texas History. 

Texas Eyeball Killer

Charles Albright is known as the Texas Eyeball Killer. Although he was only convicted of one murder due to lack of evidence, he was responsible for the murder of three women. Like many famous killers, he had his own signature. After killing the women, Charles Albright surgically removed their eyeballs with eerie precision. He was a taxidermist, and these skills allowed him to perform his signature with precision.

His first victim was Mary Pratt in December of 1990. His second victim was Susan Peterson. These two victims were shot and killed before their eyeballs were removed. His third victim, Shirley Williams, was treated a little rougher. She was found with a broken nose and facial bruising. Her eyes were removed with less precision than the first two victims. Albright is still serving time for his crimes in Lubbock, the Texas psychiatric unit.

The Candy Man

Although this is nothing like the popular 2021 slasher film by Nia DaCosta, it’s an even more gruesome tale. And the worst part is that these crimes are true. The Candy Man, also known as Dean Corll, was a sadistic pedophile who murdered at least 28 boys within a three-year period. Some believe he killed 47 boys. He kept their car and house keys as trophies.

How did he receive his name? His family owned a candy-making business called Pecan Price. His parents divorced and his mother opened a new candy shop and Dean Corll worked for her. The candy shop was right across from a school, allowing Corll to find his victims easily. During his employment, he would also sexually harass other male employees until one day his mother fired him. 

His victims ranged from 13 to 20 years old. He would lure them into his apartment where he would sexually torture and kill them. He then would put them in plastic sheets and bury them in one of three mass graves he had already dug up for all his victims.

The Urination Scandal On The Alamo

Although this crime doesn’t involve murder, it is certainly one of the most disrespectful ones to happen in Texas. Daniel Athens, a 23-year-old Texas man, urinated on the Alamo, a beloved monument in San Antonio, Texas. He also urinated on the 250-year-old “Shrine of Texas Liberty.” He was originally sentenced to two years in prison but took a plea deal instead. Disrespecting an important and well-known monument in Texas can land you serious jail time.

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