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10 of the Wildest Thanksgiving Day Crimes that Ever Took Place

Thanksgiving should be a time of getting together with family and loving them with everything you’ve got, calling out the things you’re thankful for together. Regretfully, not everybody thinks the same way, and some use Thanksgiving as an excuse to pull off crimes as they so choose. This week, A-EZ Out Bail Bonds takes a look at some of the zaniest Thanksgiving hijinks we’ve ever heard of.

Not everybody has to agree with each other at the table on Thanksgiving, but committing a crime takes the holiday to the limit. Here are some Thanksgiving Day crimes and illegal activities you’ll be glad you didn’t see while you eat those leftovers.

15-Year-Old Boy Shoplifts Entire Thanksgiving Dinner

One 15-year-old from Lytle, Texas attempted to shoplift four different smoked turkeys, along with fixings, sodas, and more for a grand total of $200. His strategy? Lining the outside rim of the shopping cart with toilet paper and soda to hide the pricey turkeys.

Thanksgiving Car Thief Finds Baby in the Back Seat

One ‘grand theft auto’ occurred on Thanksgiving 2014 when one 19-year-old got more than he asked for when he discovered, upon robbing an SUV from a New Orleans gas station, that there was a one-year-old infant in the car! He wisely abandoned the SUV after driving for 15 minutes but was charged anyway with kidnapping and theft.

Wine Theft Gone Wrong

On Thanksgiving 2013, two thieves stole 200 wine cases valued at a total of $648,000. They stole the goods from Esquin Wine & Spirits in Seattle and were subsequently charged with second-degree theft, first-degree arson, and second-degree burglary.

Killing the Family Turkey for Thanksgiving

Two boys from Gulf Breeze, FL actually stole a live turkey, which was a family pet, along with 50 different animals, from that family’s farm. Jacob H. Provo and Joshua W. Anderson both stole the live turkey and took a bow and arrow to slaughter it and eat it for their Thanksgiving dinner. They were interrupted in their plans by the police when they were apprehended and arrested before they were able to butcher it.

Lady Gaga’s Garage Broken Into on Thanksgiving Day

In 2012, surprisingly, 35 of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans broke into her garage on Thanksgiving while she was out celebrating in Peru with her family. The fans camped out in her garage until she arrived back at her house and found the trespassers still at her home.

Woman Threatens Someone With a Hatchet Over a Trivial Pursuit Game

One Thanksgiving, a board game got too real, and one woman drew a hatchet on her opponent over a disagreement during the game. State troopers came to the house, seizing her hatchet and finding it was, in actuality, drug paraphernalia.

We hope none of these crimes happen to you this holiday season, so without much further ado, have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and terrific holiday that’s perfectly crime-free!

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