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Dallas: (214) 749-5600

Irving: (972) 785-1000

McKinney: (972) 542-5155

Plano: (972) 422-1544

Fort Worth: (817) 877-5555

Arlington: (817) 801-1230

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Arlington has contributed much to its citizens and the country-at-large. It’s home to professional sports teams, a healthy arts & entertainment district, and, of course, the world-famous Six Flags Over Texas. 

But not every part of this city is a place where you want to end up. Take, for instance, the Arlington Police Department Jail or the Tarrant County Detention Center. These locations are where you’ll find a particularly tough criminal element. And if you don’t want to share the facilities with them, then you’ll want to opt for a bail bond should you ever be unfortunate enough to face charges. 

At A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, we’re committed to keeping you out of jail entirely. It’s our goal that you never spend a single night there so long as you haven’t been convicted of a crime. Here’s how we make that happen. 

Acting Quickly to Secure the Bond

We have many years of experience serving the citizens of Arlington who may have run into a patch of bad luck, wrongful identification, or moments of poor decision-making. During that time, we’ve been able to learn the ropes inside-and-out. We’ve built positive relationships with individuals in the justice system. Through these experiences, we know when and how to act quickly to secure your bond and get you back to your freedom. 

Offering Options to Pay for It

Some bail bonds companies will force you to risk it all before they’re willing to help you out. They don’t seem to care that if you had the money on you, you probably wouldn’t be coming to them. They see in you an opportunity instead of someone in need of help. 

We don’t believe in doing business that way. That’s why we set up our payment options to do two things: secure the bond quickly and reduce the immediate impact to your family’s budget. We also refuse to charge the highest allowable rates, giving you the best prices in Tarrant County and the entire state of Texas. Seriously, you cannot beat us on price. Ever. 

And if you can’t pay upfront, we’ll work with you through special financing to ensure your obligation is met in a way that still allows you to live your life and meet your financial obligations. 

Getting You the Freedom You Deserve

No one should be in jail if they haven’t been convicted of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, many people who are innocent will plead guilty or accept a lesser charge simply to get out of jail so they can get back to their jobs and their families and their lives. That’s not fair, and we’ve built our entire business in such a way to try and keep that from happening. 

If you are in a bind and you need a bail bonds company that cares about you as a person and will do anything we can to get you your freedom, contact us at our Arlington office (or any of our seven locations) today.

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A-EZ Out Bail Bonds
Bail Bonds Arlington
623 W Division St. 
Arlington, TX 76011

Phone: (817) 801-1230
Phone: 817.801.1230

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A-EZ Out Bail Bonds
Bail Bonds Arlington
623 W Division St. 
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 817.801.1230