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Types of Bail Bonds in Texas

There are many types of bail bonds in Texas available to people who have been arrested. After an arrest, it’s likely a good assumption that most people would prefer to await their trial in the freedom of their home rather than the local jail. That’s where bail comes in, which is set by the court and allows you to pay a sum in exchange for leaving the jail. When that amount is too high to pay, that’s where bail bonds come in.

In Texas, there are 4 different types of bail bonds. Each type can be available based on your specific situation, and other states might have different options. If you find yourself in need of a bondsman’s services, you might want to know a little bit of information regarding the options that will be available to you.

All Bail Bonds Are Not The Same

Types of Bonds

Surety bonds

These are the most common types of bail bonds you’ll hear about here in the state of Texas. Surety bonds are posted by a third-party company, such as a bail bonds office, and are paid directly to the jail or court. As the defendant, you will pay a percentage of the amount to the bail bonds company in exhange for their release, but that money will be returned after you attend your court trial. 

Personal recognizance bonds

Sometimes referred to as “release without bail,” personal recognizance bonds refer to when you or your family are allowed to pay a fee to the court system in lieu of a specific bail amount. However, you have to promise to attend any and all court hearings, or you can lose your bond. This option tends to be offered only to first-time offenders and defendants in good standing with the court.

Attorney bonds

Depending on the county in which your arrest takes place, the attorney representing you might be allowed to post a bond. This is convenient because you don’t have to go through any kind of bond company or office, but you must have an attorney confirmed to represent you before they are allowed to post any bond.

Property bonds

If you cannot afford to post bail and for whatever reason do not wish to go through a bail bonds company, this type of bond uses your home as collateral. This is not a common form of bond in Texas, and requires quite a bit of extra effort on the court’s part to determine the eligiablility of your property as collateral. 

What Happens Next?

Being “free on bond” comes with a few conditions: failure to follow the requirements of your specific bond might result in additional charges, not to mention forfeiting your bond and losing any money put forward to it. If you have a bondsman involved in your case, you run the risk of being hunted down by a bounty hunter. However, as bail money is meant to act as insurance that you do show up to any appointments set by the court, you will have that money returned to you after you attend.

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