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The City of Irving

Irving is centrally situated between the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, and it is home to almost a quarter of a million residents. It is an extremely culturally diverse city, and actually hosts the most diverse ZIP code in the United States – 75038. It boasts major sports and entertainment venues, over 500 restaurants, three fully accredited universities, and convenient access to airports, interstates, and light and heavy rail transportation. If you need bails bonds in Irving, Texas, get in touch with A-EZ Out Bail Bonds today.

Irving is a beautiful city, as long as you stay on the right side of the law. If you get arrested and charged with a crime, there’s a chance you could see a side of Irving that no one ever should. We’re talking, of course, about the Irving City Jail or, for county offenses, the Dallas County Detention Center.

Crime and Arrests in Irving, Texas

Understandably, these are tough places. They pull from a population center of around 240,000, and Irving itself is the principal city of Dallas County, so there’s always the possibility of metropolitan crime finding its way to this otherwise peaceful community.

The latest statistics show that there are 7,010 crimes committed each year in Irving, TX. Property crimes lead the way, with 1 in 37 residents being the victims of theft, break-ins, or motor vehicle theft. 1 in 432 were violent crime victims, roughly twice the state average.

In 2018, there were 6,269 arrests in Irving. If you’ve become an arrest statistic in this city, it’s important to contact us as soon as possible! You don’t want to spend any more time in jail than you absolutely have to. We have the bails bonds in Irving, Texas, you need.

Jails in Irving, Texas

Jails never make tourist brochures, for good reason: They house tough characters accused of even tougher crimes. By nature, most people don’t belong there. But one mistake can put you in the same facilities as hardened criminals, and that’s a scary place to be.

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds has experience working with the following jails in Irving and Dallas County:

  • The Irving Municipal Jail – This jail operates 24/7, and houses up to 172 adult prisoners. It also has a holding center for juveniles. You will be brought here if you are arrested in the city of Irving. This is also where you will serve time if you are convicted of a misdemeanor in Irving.
  • The Dallas County Jail – The Lew Sterrett Justice Center near downtown Dallas is made up of three separate detention centers: North Tower, West Tower, and Suzanne L. Kays. They detain individuals who did not post bail and are awaiting court; prisoners who are awaiting transfer to a state or federal prison; and individuals who are detained in other jails who have been summoned by a judge. These jails operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We Work Well with Your Criminal Defense Attorneys

We have a good working relationship with the attorneys and courts in Irving. It’s not uncommon for many Irving defense attorneys to call us and let us know about arraignment schedules so we can be there ready to pay the bond by the time your arraignment is over. This expedites your release from custody.

If you have yet to decide on criminal defense — or have the decision made for you — then we can use online databases to quickly find out your holding location and begin tracking the status of your booking in real time. Once a bond amount is known, we can then respond.

We Don’t Wait for You to Have the Money

Bond amounts are highly unaffordable to a majority of people. The 10-15% you will pay on the whole amount is not the kind of money the average person keeps in their rainy day fund. Even if you have the money, paying it all at once can cause a dramatic hit to your finances that affects not just you, but others in your family as well.

With A-EZ Out Bail Bonds, you can defer paying most of the bail amount until later. We’ll set you up on our EZ payment plan at zero percent interest. Then, you can just pay a schedule at your pace until the terms of the bail bond are satisfied. This gives you more time with your family, time to sort things out with your employer, and less downtime on the job between your arraignment and hearing dates.

We Go the Extra Mile for Irving

We can arrange a ride from the holding facility once bail is paid. We can set up payment plans without taking the time to do credit checks. We can speak Spanish in case your or your loved one’s first language isn’t English. We can even approve our own bonds, so we’re not waiting on an outside agency to act before we can jump through the required hoops for getting a defendant-to-be out of jail.

Last but not least, we can guarantee you the lowest price in town so you don’t have to search for a bail bondsman who treats you with respect. Just let us know where you got the deal, and after a short verification, we’ll beat their price.

One night in an Irving jail is too many. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, using our knowledge of the Irving correctional and court systems. Contact us today for bail bonds in Irving, Texas!

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